12 Minute Affiliate Program


Have you ever heard about the saying “making money online while you are asleep??”.. Well this is the system that declares just that!.. A system that you can simply set up Once and let it run over and over again, doesn’t sound to bad hu?..



What is Exactly 12 Minute Affiliate?



It is A Breakthrough Software That Uses Proprietary “Sleep-Sales Technology”. To Generate Sales While You are tucked Comfortably In Bed. What this means is that this is a system that automatically Promotes different products while you are sleeping, while you are hanging out with friends & family or while you are working at your regular job.. some people will referred it as to a boring A***J.O.B “I wish I could quit you now job!” lol. I know you know what I mean .. In Essence, this system will give you the opportunity to do the things you love to do the most and at the same time it will help you to generate income.

The 12 Minute Affiliate System claims you can get set up and going in about 12 minutes, I believe that could be true but it will also depends on how computer savvy the individual is at that point in time of the first set up. You will have the option to do the whole set up your self or you will have the opportunity to choose one of the agents to do it for you. If I was someone that I have never done this kind of stuff online I would definitely have them do it for me (I believe there is a very small fee for them to do the set up for you, less than $60 US dollars can’t remember honestly but is a low One time fee).

Once everything is set up and ready for you to start generating commissions from the products you are advertising, you will need to order Traffic. The cool thing about that is that you don’t have to outsource to different and risky websites to purchase traffic. The 12 Minute Affiliate System¬†provides the option to purchase traffic thru them since they have experts that have partnered with them where each of them specialized in their respective Niches. This means you are getting Top Tier traffic every time your order your traffic. I think that is very smart and also makes it very practical for the new affiliates, in this case all you have to do is order how much traffic you want and pam! Traffic would start to come in (of course this will happen only after the order has been submitted and the payment was successful).

The minimum for traffic is $99(US dollars) up to $2000 US dollars but of course it doesn’t mean you have to do the highest amount, in this case it would be based on your own budget. So maybe one week you can put in $100 dollars towards you traffic and the following week you can put in $200 dollars towards your traffic or just another $100 dollars. The beauty of this is that you can put in as much and as often your budget would allow you to. So with all honestly, there is no pressure in that regard. The key here is to stay consistent in growing your list by getting traffic as often as possible.

If you purchase traffic on $100 dollars that will give you an estimate of roughly 90 to 100 visitors. Now, Remember this are people/individuals that become exposed to your offer and that they might click on your offer; when they do by entering their name and email, sometimes it would only require to enter their email (that would be based on the capture page that has been set up with the particular offer). So let’s say hypothetically speaking that 100 individuals saw your offer maybe 3, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30 or more out of 100 visitors would enter their name and email address or email only depending on the requirement of the capture page.

When Visitors share that information they will automatically become a lead for you to follow up; That is when this system makes it even easier, you don’t have to sweat what to write on your emails to follow up with them. The 12 Minute Affiliate System already have prewritten emails built in, a bunch of them to follow up with every visitor that becomes a new lead on your system. I believe the system automatically will follow up for up to 6 months with them sending emails every other day and within those 6 months up to 4 or more different products will be offered. Now, if you ask me that is very cool and smart move from them to do for whoever wants to join this program.

The truth is that most people won’t know how to do all this setting up and following up with every new lead the system will generate. It can be very overwhelming if you have never done this before. Another awesome benefit is that they offer One on One coaching so they can literally grab you by the hand and get you moving on the right path. It is obvious you will have tons of questions so having someone guiding you through the path of success will only reassure that.

Best of all they are making it very simple and accessible for anyone; I believe that as of right now they are having a discounted trial period for anyone to give it an honest try. It is a very low fee as low as the price of a Starbucks coffee roughly less than $10.00; The Original Price is close to $200 US dollars. Now if you ask me that is an incredibly deal/opportunity for anyone to take on. Is pretty much telling you that you can have everything set and done in 12 minutes or so and that you could start making money the same night and the best part while you are sleep!

Did You know that if you actually give The 12 Minute Affiliate System an honest try and order your first traffic they will give you a free vacation!.  What??.. Yes, They are actually doing that and you can find out more about it once you do the whole set up and order traffic. I am witness of that because I did the whole set up, order traffic and gave it an honest try and sure enough I automatically qualified for a free vacation. Wait until they share with you all the locations they have available for you to choose from worldwide;-).

It is true the system works and the best part is that if you become consistent and really give it a go, it could potentially help you quit or replace that JOB that you probably hate so much.

Now you are aware of what The 12 Minute Affiliate System is and how you will be able to make money with it. Check Out all the bonuses they have to offer with this system and the perks you get for being part of this huge and friendly community.

It will be one of the best things that you can do in order to generate a passive income for a lifetime;-).
Show me how Sleep-Sales Technology works”.

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